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Can’t get it together when it comes to getting things done? Business files and paper in a disarray? Are you lost when it comes to day-to-day tasks? I can help you learn how to beat procrastination, get everything together and get a handle on managing yourself,  reach your goals and organize your life!

I’m Sheila Hawkins, owner of Third Eye Group, and for over 15 years, I’ve assisted women solopreneurs and entrepreneurs just like you in organizing their space and time, helping you to become more productive and more profitable. I don’t offer band-aids or “one-size fits all” ideas, but instead a holistic approach to productivity in addition to real solutions to help you do more in less time, stop having your business get in the way of your life, end the struggle that is affecting your bottom line.

Poor time management is the leading cause keeping individuals from finishing that important project on time; getting to the gym; having time for the things that you really want to do.  Effective time management starts with you. It’s all about who you are and how you relate to time. The best tools, systems and skills can prove to be fruitless without putting yourself at the core of how you get things done. Everyone gets 24 hours in any given day, but it’s what you do with it that makes the difference.

You’re here at my home on the internet because you’re looking for solutions that are going to work to give you relief from the frustration that you’re feeling. Working with me can give you the same relief and liberation that those who have worked with me have experienced. I can help you discover what’s at the core of your productivity challenges and how to overcome them.  How you get things done is all about you, so you and everything about you should be at the core of that process. Which is why I work from the inside out to see who you are and how that impacts your productivity and to help you rise above the challenges you face with it.