Hello and welcome!

I’m Sheila Hawkins, owner of Third Eye Group, and for over 15 years, I’ve assisted women solopreneurs and entrepreneurs just like you in organizing their space and time, helping you to become more productive and more profitable. I don’t offer band-aids or “one-size fits all” ideas, but instead a holistic approach to productivity in addition to real solutions to help you do more in less time, stop having your business get in the way of your life, end the struggle that is affecting your bottom line. Whether it’s supporting the creation of positive new work habits, creating better work space flow, setting up schedules and systems, or finding more efficient ways to perform daily tasks, we work with you to look at things on a deeper level to see why your challenges are there in the first place. Then we’ll discover how you relate to time and create customized, practical, cost-efficient ways to maximize your time. The goal is to give you more time and energy for the things that truly matter, like your family, friends and personal growth.  The things that matter most.

Third Eye Group offers a complete line of services designed for use individually or as a comprehensive program according to your needs. Please take a few moments to learn about who I am, what I can do for you and to read testimonials about our services from satisfied clients. You’ll also find articles on the Time & Space blog filled with tips to help you get started on your way to a streamlined, profitable and more fulfilling life today.