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Productivity is Personal!

It is my belief that the key to increasing your productivity lies within you. The clues to the time management challenges you’re experiencing are there, as well as the answers. Before you choose a tool to support you, you’ve got to be sure that it’s a fit for your personality, or as I call it, your Productivity Persona.™

One reason that you can’t get it together when it comes to getting things done is because you see time in a particular way, and it limits you. I’ve got a totally different perspective of time and a unique approach to getting things done that has my clients go from where they are to making a powerful shift that is both liberating and empowering. My focus is to help you take back the power that you have completely given over to time, allowing it to control you and run the show.

Your productivity challenges are keeping you from finishing things on time, delivering to your clients on time and having time for the things that you really want to do.  Making the change starts with you. You’re here looking for solutions and I have them. If you’re ready to give up the struggle, look below to see the opportunities you have to work with me. I would love help you make the shift and get on the path to taking back your power, controlling how your days go and getting things done.

Time Wielder’s Lens

You’re stuck, frustrated and looking for a way out. A way out of the crazy days that you’re having but there seems to be no relief in sight. You’ve tried what you thought were solutions for what’s ailing you time and time again, but to no avail. So now you’re frustrated not just with the fact that things aren’t getting done, but with the fact that the remedies you’re applying aren’t working. It’s time for something else. Something entirely different that will get you on the right track. The Time Wielder’s Lens session is just what you need. Book your session.

Deep Dive

Right now you’re wondering what to do to get beyond your productivity challenges, you don’t know how to do it but you know you have to do something and fast. This session lets you see how you view time right now, gives you a look at a totally different perspective of time and allows you to see how shifting your perspective can have you grasp an understanding of time that you’ve never thought of before. I’ll also reveal how that new view can help you go from struggling to manage time to wielding time. I’m known for my uncanny productivity expertise and my ability to see what lies beneath. That’s where that whole Third Eye thing comes into play. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that I’ve got you covered when it comes to uncovering the surface layers to see what’s at the core. That’s what my Deep Dive Session is all about. Click here  to schedule your session.

Zen Day

Zen Day isn’t just one day, it’s every day of your week. Without haste, being able to breathe and having space to do your thing. During your Zen Day session, we’ll wave a magic wand and create exactly what you want your days to look like. Pause for a moment and think about how your day is going. Go back to yesterday. What would you change? If you could wave a magic wand and create your ideal day, what exactly would it look like? What things would you want to accomplish? How would it feel to get those things done? Think about areas other than work. Think about family, friends, health, and finances and how they would be impacted if you could just get your days in order and make them productive. Zen Day means being able to relax without feeling guilty. Having productive days with a realistic to-do list and no overwhelm conversation.  It means restoring the peace in your business and your life.

Life moves so fast and things get lost in the shuffle. There are things that you miss or don’t get done for one reason or another and it impacts you accordingly, both short term and long term. You’ve been wrestling for so long that you’ve really started to wonder if it’s even possible to get it all done. It is possible. Let’s wave the magic wand and design your Zen Day. Schedule your session now.

Productivity Persona™

Given that it’s a personal thing, you have to consider your personality and who you are at your core before you can even think about how to approach it and engage when it comes to getting things done.  That is the step that must be taken but that so many don’t give consideration to. For them, and I would guess that for you too, this is a vital missing piece. This is why I’ve developed a proprietary process for getting to what I call your Productivity Persona™. Believe it or not, you have one. We all do and it’s the foundation that you build upon to enable yourself to wield time.™

Let me ask you right now, what do you know about yourself that impacts your approach to getting things done? Do you see the role that your personality plays? Do you have a system in place that was created based upon your personality? Probably not, but that’s okay too, because you’re in the right place to discover all of that and more. Your personality plays a role when it comes to time, and the pieces that you need to create your own system so that you can get things done and move forward with what you’re up to in the world.

This is a two/two and a half hour session that explores you, who you are and how you relate to time. Together we explore eight different areas in depth and then look at how each of those plays into how you’re currently approaching getting things done, how it might feed your challenges and reveals your Productivity Persona, which you can then use to build your system for getting it done! Your Productivity Persona™ is the key to discovering how to make time work for you and your own way of getting things done. If you find that thought exciting and intriguing, grab your session here.


Think about your average day – how much time do you waste in an hour on unnecessary tasks and procrastination? How many priority tasks do you complete?  Does procrastination have you putting off the things that you know are key to your business success? One-on-one productivity coaching is the answer. You can have step-by-step, personal guidance from a holistic approach that gets to the heart of things. Self discovery, practical, real-life solutions that are a perfect fir for you is what awaits. I’ll show you how to stop wasting time, weed out the unimportant tasks and focus on completing the things that matter. Work with me for one, two or three months. Just select the package that’s right for you.