Here’s what some of my clients have to say about their experience

“My session was brilliant! Powerful perspective and reframing. Very liberating.” ~ Helena Sterne Natural Wellness Coach, Love Acupuncture

“Seeing the big picture has never been a problem for me, however when I have so many goals it can sometimes become overwhelming.  It’s great to have some ‘from the outside’ step in and offer feedback.  Sheila has helped me look at things from a different perspective! Her patience, understanding and clear strategic thinking have made an impact on my day to day projects.  I highly recommend her to assist you with any planning, time management or goal setting objectives.  She’s a keeper!!” ~Simone Kelly, Own Your Power Communications

“A major breakthrough in how I see my productivity and why I procrastinate. Thank you Sheila for this insightful session. I managed to establish why I am actually procrastinating and as a result my productivity is low. I have now made choices that should help me get more things done. Thank you thank you thank you!” ~ Hanna Hashim

“Thank you for your words of wisdom. Since our session, I have been on a mission and working toward the top of my TO DO list, with no fear!          ~Regina Lewis Red House Consulting

“Sheila knows her stuff. She provided me with realistic goals I can put into daily practice. Sheila, thank you for being authentically you.” ~ Raquel Stuart, Sistas Speack, LLC

“Thank you so much for the great (Clutter) TeleClinic tonight.  I just want you to know that it helps so much to have a name for what ails you.  I will conquer this ailment and become clutter free by the end of the year, thanks to you.” ~G.C., Redford, MI